I have been growing MSODirectory.com for several years and I would like to continue adding credentialing verification contacts as well as even more information such as insurance company claims history contacts.   This website has been a great hobby for me.  I hope it has been a great resource for you and helps save time with your file processing.   I use it all of the time at my fulltime credentialing job!   

I have funded this project out of my own pocket as well as designed and maintained the data entry.  I have spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours developing this site and now find myself at a crossroads with the future of MSODirectory.com

There are ongoing fees to keep the website operational. It costs yearly fees for the website and  monthly fees to store and link the data through a 3rd party application. 


As a single woman, I have to work full time for a living and for benefits such as health insurance and retirement. 

If you would answer the questions on this survey it will help me plan on the direction for the future of MSODirectory.com. 

I will not open source the directory for anyone to edit and add content.  It is difficult enough to control the quality of information I receive without adding questionable data to the site.  This also would not help with recouping the cost of maintaining this site. 

Thank You, 

Jennifer Turner, CPCS

This survey will be online for 60 days. If you have already answered the questions X out when it pops up.