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Search Fields Are Missing →

If you cannot see the search fields on your computer screen it is because your system is blocking some of the essential elements.  Contact your IT Department and tell them the site uses Wix for a website and Caspio for the database.  Both entities use servers from all over the world.  They frequently rotate servers. This is not something I can fix on my end because it is your system blocking the search fields.  Most likely your IT Department is blocking servers outside of the USA.   You can open on your cell phone or another device not on your company network and see the fields are still present on

Will I send you a copy of the entire database in Excel? →

I have been asked multiple times to send the entire database in Excel.  Why would anyone ask me to send all of my work over the past 6 years to them in an Excel spreadsheet?    I have spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars building this database.  It costs me hundreds of dollars a month to maintain it.   None of this has been free.  Just because you can't see the expense doesn't mean it doesn't exist.   Send me $25,000 and come clean my house twice a week for 6 years and we will talk about you getting a copy of the entire database.  This response is a little "tongue in cheek", but it does irk me when people have so little consideration. 

Will this database always be free of charge?

No. I will be creating a subscription/membership soon.  Please remember, the internet isn't free. There are web hosting fees and data hosting fees.  I have been able to pay these fees without charging up until now. My database hosting fees have doubled in the past 12 months.  There will be more details soon regarding this topic. 

You can't find the facility you are looking for or the information needs updating. →

The database will never be "finished".  Information is constantly changing, and additions are being made every week.  I frequently reach out via email and fax to get updated information.  I also rely on the thousands of users who enjoy to send me updated information.   

Search Tips →

  • For best results enter only State and then sort by City. 

  •  Remember "less is best" when searching. Too much information may exclude the site for  which you are searching unless it is an identical match.  Locate the facility in the results list. Move your cursor over the result and  click the facility name. 

  • *For consistency there are no abbreviations such as Fort or Saint.  Example: St. is not abbreviated even when used in City.  Example: St. Joseph's or St. Petersburg will be entered as Saint Josephs and Saint Petersburg.

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