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Hello to all of my MSODirectory Friends, 

8/1/2023 Update:  First, let me say thank you to everyone who has reached out to me in support of my plans for  I am so grateful for this community!!  

People are asking when I will start charging.   (As soon as I can figure out all of the pieces to make it happen.)

Another question is if I will be able to do a corporate discount for a multi-person office. (I'm sure I can figure this out as I continue to learn how to make the puzzle pieces fit together.)

There are many moving parts on my end.  I have to establish an LLC, obtain an EIN number and work on the technology aspect of making all of the bells and whistles work.  In the meantime, keep enjoying the database, send me updates as you receive them, tell your credentialing friends about MSODirectory and sign the guestbook so other people read about how has helped you.  

Forever Grateful!  

Jennifer Turner, CPCS


Announcement 7/26/2023

Last week I learned the company I work for, as a Credentialing Specialist III is closing its doors.   

It has always been my intention to one day set up as a membership site in hopes of making it my full-time job.  You all can imagine the amount of effort and money I have put into this site since creating it in 2016. (I have spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars over the years in creating this site.)   It is now necessary for me to work towards charging for the information because of the ongoing costs of maintaining the site.   


I will work diligently on getting the updates I have received entered into the system and continually adding new and updated information.    Please keep sending me updates through the website and I will get them entered. 

    Here are some of the details:

  • The fee will be $96.00 a year per person  (If you work in a multi-person office - each person will have to have their own membership.) I will be able to tell if people are sharing login and passwords and will cancel any accounts involved in login/password sharing.  

  • It is my intention to continue to add and update information to the site as my full-time job.  I want to have an open dialogue with members and will try to identify the needs of the members to grow the community. 

  • It is my intention to continue to add helpful information to the site for members to share knowledge,  documents, and ask questions of their colleagues as a support network through a member forum. 

  • I am asking for your support as a credentialing colleague 


Jennifer Turner, CPCS

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